Here is your chance to join us

Our international team is constantly growing and we can never have enough bright and diligent people. If you have experience and passion in software development or project management and a goal to develop into a true industry expert, send us a note!

If you feel that you should be a part of our team, send your CV to and we will contact you shortly.


What we look for in a candidate

If you live to code

If you have applied for the developer´s position, we want to see your skills. We ask for example codes or give a little programming test to solve at home. Good code is what best characterizes a developer. Certificates are nice, we also support our employees in acquiring them. However, our recruiting is based on the person him/herself. What matters is that you have excellent programming skills and examples to demonstrate it, and thrive to create working solutions that make a difference.

If you love to analyze

If you have applied for the project manager´s or other non-coding position, we want to see who you are as a person. We look for people who are solution-oriented, want and dare to take responsibility and get things done. People who have good communication and teamwork skills and analytical thinking. What matters, is your personal skills and characteristics. Your passion is understanding how different businesses work and what your team can do to help them improve.

A few tips

The primary and principal criterion of our potential employee is the ability to advance. It is hard to work in a thriving team, when you do not want to learn and develop. As our apprentices, we look for students that we feel would fit our team as future full-time employees. For the maximum efficiency of our teams, we require communication-level knowledge of the local language and fluent English.

We offer opportunities to grow

A strive to advance and progress is in our DNA. It is one of our core values. Working in Uptime, you will grow as:

  • An individual

    The main challenge of the IT-industry is rapid changes and therefore the need to constantly learn and stay up-to-date. That´s what makes the industry so exciting. Uptime is contributing to individual development of our employees in many ways. You have a great opportunity to learn from the best, study, take certification exams etc.

  • Part of the team

    Our goal is to grow a professional team based on the well-planned workflow and clear distribution of tasks. Balance between employee´s skills and interests is what we see bringing the achievement. Professional success can not be based only on unwavering commitment and absence of the personal life.

  • Part of the company

    We value a stable and continuous employment relationship. Connecting challenging work assignments and knowledge improving, you will have sufficient excitement and independence.