Software Development

In Uptime, we get to know our customer´s business and the challenges it is facing before designing a custom software solution that helps bring maximum results.

  • High Quality

    Efficient software creates new business opportunities that would not be possible otherwise. Tell us about your business needs and we will find the solution that hits the spot. The suitable solution could be a ready-made software product that needs some customizing. Maybe your situation requires a tailor-made development. We will use our knowledge and expertise to suggest the optimal solution in terms of your business. Our teams are well-experienced and synergistic. They know the best software development methods and practices and apply them according to the specifics of the project. Uptime´’s quality control and guidance system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements.

  • Conservative by nature, innovative by essence

    Our software development procedure is based on trustworthy means. We only use creation tools that are reliable, have adequate producer-side support and are exceptionally mastered by our development teams. We work mainly on the following platforms:

    • Microsoft SQL/.NET Winforms/ASP.NET/SharePoint
    • Oracle/J2EE/Delphi/Apex
    • PostgreSQL/PHP

    We are always learning and keeping ourselves up to date with the technological innovations. Thanks to our experience, we see further from the obvious.

  • Support and further development

    We are close-by our customer to offer know-how and support. Our services cover whole life cycle of the software, from mapping of the initial requirements, to maintenance, administration and end-user support. As a company evolves or the competitive environment becomes more aggressive, the software in use must be adjusted accordingly. Our projects are often long-term business-critical software systems that we need to support and advance during their entire life-cycle, which makes us focus on preserving documentation and the change management. We keep the level of skills and knowledge used during the software´’s initial creation process and provide best solution for further development needs using our accumulated knowledge of the customer´s business.

SharePoint Solutions

Long Experience

Uptime has a business unit that is dedicated solely for developing solutions on Microsoft SharePoint platform. Our team has been involved with SharePoint since 2006. Today we mainly focus on consultancy, software development and maintenance of solutions based on MS SharePoint Server and Office 365 platforms. We support both in - house applications and cloud services like Office 365 and Azure. All developed solutions are individual, focus on supporting the business processes and are tightly integrated with other enterprise applications.


Microsoft SharePoint platform can be used as a solution for intranet and extranet portals, document and info systems management, collaboration solutions, business intelligence tools, etc. SharePoint solutions may help to automate the routine workflows, offer secure document management solution, enable rapid exchange of information, migrate data from old systems to new and much more.

Up to date competence

In order to improve our competence, Uptime´s SharePoint team is constantly learning and regularly communicating with the Microsoft´s team. Together we have organized seminars to share and pass on our knowledge and experience. Our high competence is recognized by Microsoft Gold level partner status in the field of Collaboration and Content solutions, which we have managed to achieve annually for the past decade.

Mobile and Cloud Solutions

Supporting our customers in their day to day business means we are always open to exploit opportunities that new technologies could bring them. Not all solutions need to become cloud-based, but the ones worth it, should.

  • Mobile application development

    Our competence enables to develop innovative mobile applications that work in any modern device. Cross-platform mobile solutions are created using mainly Apache Cordova.

  • Cloud based software solutions development and infrastructure services

    We offer infrastructure services supported by Office 365, Azure and Amazon platforms. Cloud server solutions that we offer, are mainly in Amazon or Azure platforms, on cloud or in-house.

  • Office 365 development, integration and implementation services

    Our extensive knowledge and years of development competence with the SharePoint platform has given us our competitive advantage in Office 365 implementation and enables us to tailor the platform to suit even the most complicated individual needs of a customer.

Search and Big Data Solutions

Enterprise Search

Enterprise search gives your employees the ability to search through companies’ entire knowledge base including documents, forums, CVs, profiles emails etc. We apply advanced search technology to find content, understand it and present it a user friendly and simple manner.

Search based applications

Use search for Big Data and Business Intelligence. See large data volumes as an opportunity to run a more profitable enterprise, to understand more about your business and the chance to find answers to complex questions. We apply advanced search technology, like Hadoop for example, to collect, analyse and present Big Data.

Search driven websites

Using the advanced search technology, we can for example create complex e-commerce sites, dynamic page templates, sites that adapt to each individual visitor. You will have a dynamic website which can easily be modified - that enables you to better target the customers´ needs.

Software Support Services

We offer support and further development to customer´s inhouse software, including the systems that were not originally developed by us.

  • Support of customer-owned software

    Throughout the years we have taken over to offer full support services to many software systems, that were originally not created in Uptime. This means we perform the thorough preliminary analysis and handle all bug-fixes and necessary further improvements. We act as superuser of the software by providing daily maintenance and error management services.

  • Systems support

    It is challenging to keep in-house competence of the software that is no longer in the active development phase, yet having the sufficient knowledge is necessary. Team structure and the level of skills required in the development and the following maintenance phase are different, and very few people can be good at both. We secure the software keeps running smoothly together with full infrastructure management required during the whole life-cycle of the software.

  • DevOps mentality

    In Uptime, we focus on providing the full scope of IT services instead of simply developing working software. DevOps culture with the mentality of collaboration between developers and administrators is natural for us. Our specialists, both from development and operations side, are participating in the entire service lifecycle from design through the development process to user-support.